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Our Innovations

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Ribbed Smoked Sheet (RSS)

EON RSS is widely used in many industries, especially tyre business.
Our RSS is processed by unsmoked sheets which are collected from
local farmers. Then, the sheets are cleaned and smoked in controlled
temperature with technical supervision. The smoked sheets are classified into five grades by visual inspection in term of purity, elasticity and colour from our well-trained staff.

Concentrated Latex

EON’s field latex is collected from rubber trees, planted in a controlled environment. Latex is a pure form of rubber material. It is preserved by adding chemicals and then centrifuged to separate latex from other components. We then obtain a concentrated latex of 60% DRC (dry rubber content). EON offers High Ammonia (HA), Medium Ammonia (MA) and Low Ammonia (LA) as requested by customers.

Standard Thai Rubber (STR)

EON STR is classified into 5 main grades by dirt content, colour and viscosity which are STR5 STR10, STR20 STRCV and Mixture Rubber. It is typically used in tyre industry. EON’s STR portfolio consists of STR5 STR10, STR20, STR10CV STR20CV and Mixture Rubber (SBR or Carbon Black).