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Empowering a dynamic world, Eon Group delivers intelligent solutions that enhance the safety, comfort, and sustainability of mobility today and tomorrow. Through a synergy of innovation and operational excellence, our group enriches the lives of individuals and families.

EON GROUP leads in engineering, specializing in security systems, renewable energy, green technology, construction solutions, medical devices, agriculture, and more.

Our Innovations

Need Help with Easier life Solutions? We Are Experts!

we have our own manufacture to produce electronic security products and electronic medical device under quality control.

With the concept of housing and tourism development follow our concepted “Charge Life Body and Spirit”.

Due to the Experience increased productivity and a more consistent clean with Neo 2.

high-tech enterprise specializing in the research, development and production of fully automatic car washing machine equipment and Franchise business solution.

Meticulously produces its superior quality rubber with environmentally friendly technology.

Wood Pellets is an innovative biomass fuel in solid fuel (Solid-Fuels) Made from solid wood.

Global Distributor of highly quality of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) such as Medical Gloves, Medical Face Mask and so on. 

Need Help With Easier Life Solutions? We Are Experts!